The TN LOGISTICA SK services evolve towards forms of partnerships with reputed companies.
Create synergies means achieving a greater operational efficiency, with consequent costs reduction . A strategy aimed at build a strong partnership in the long term. The collaboration with partners abroad, is able to reliably provide transport services for all European destinations.

Torello Trasporti & Logistica


Torello, is an historical business enterprise in Montoro (AV), it was founded in 1975, it operates in the field of services for road transport and logistics. The family run business is one of the strengths of the company that over the years has successfully established itself on the national and international market.
The Torello fleet with 1500 vehicles offers customized solutions for any transportation need performed with many different types of vehicles and semitrailers – by combined to intermodal. In order to ensure a widespread presence on the market the company is continuing to develop a distribution network that operates through platforms located throughout the national and international territory. The company completes its range of business with a new logistics service that guarantees storage in its warehouses creating bespoke projects and always favoring a partnership with its customers

Logo TN Logistika SK-RO


Our policy of expansion, oriented to invest in emerging areas, has allowed us to start a partnership with a Romanian company: TN Logistika Romania. Romania is among the major Eastern European markets, hub and easy access to the countries of the former USSR and the Middle East, and a crossroad of the main European transport corridors. The company is located in Pitesti, in the economic heart of Romania, about 60 km from the capital Bucharest, where it is relevant the presence of logistics and rail networks infrastructure. The TN Logistika SK-RO has a highly qualified resources, especially in the ICT and engineering sector, his operators has a firm grasp of the language. Qualified staff who are able to meet the needs of customers and meet their requirements.