Ever since its founding TN Logistica SK is working to implement and improve the safety aspects in order to increase the quality of services. In collaboration with all employees and partners it manages the processes by focusing on safety, and the health and environmental protection.

Leveraging both the expertise and experience of its team, the company is able to offer solutions that reduce potential hazards in the road transport sector and help solve the needs and problems related to this specific are The resources involved are managed by Traffic, wherein each operator follows online each vehicle.

Monitor online loads traveling on the road it allows to guarantee both the traceability of the load, both the traceability of deliveries in a perspective of safety of the goods, vehicle and driver, and ensure rapid tripping of any anomalies. All processes are controlled and monitored by software.

The real-time visibility on transport services is guaranteed both by the cargo handled by both partners that are part of the organization.

The company’s policy of TN logistica SK is based on professionalism, honesty and teamwork, customer focus, experience of its employees, road safety and safety in the workplace.
Reliability in terms of food security is guaranteed by the adoption of the standards set by EU legislation EC 852/2004.
The safety of all activities is guaranteed by active surveillance systems 24H, transports are always performed by minimizing travel and waiting times