Senec – Almost ready for the new TN Logistics SK headquarters


The last phase of the large TN Logistics SK project in the Senec district – near the Slovak capital – has begun, which will host new offices and storage facilities with logistic facilities. The new structure will fully integrate the activities and, in addition to the employees already in the company, will create other occupations.

An opportunity for development in a good position

The city of Senec, northeast of Bratislava, has become one of the main locations for logistics developments. With direct access to motorway junctions, the new structure enjoys great visibility. Provides easy access to all major Eastern European markets. Bratislava center is only 20 km away, Vienna (Austria) 60 km, Brno (Czech Republic) 130 km and Budapest (Hungary) 220 km. The site is close to the D1 motorway and Bratislava International Airport.

At the end of this phase, the project should be completed and ready to start full-time.


Michalská 7 SK - 811 01 Bratislava

Operational Headquarters
Diaľničná cesta 5455/21A, 903 01 Senec
Phone: +421 2/53637213

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