Senec – Work started for TN Logistica SK’s new headquarters

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To capture the fruits of a long period of growth, and to lay the foundations for new goals, TN Logistica SK has begun work to build a new office in Senec. The building that is being built will house new offices and storage and is located 200 m from the Senec exit – on the D1 (Bratislava-Zilina) highway – a short drive from the Bratislava 1 Logistic Park near the Slovak capital.

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The Senec area is an ideal center for logistics companies, where today some of the most innovative buildings in the Slovak city arise. In addition to being well-equipped in terms of road infrastructure, the Senec area is also attractive due to its location, practically adjacent to Bratislava International Airport, to the northeastern suburb of the capital.

The construction of the new structure is part of a wider framework of growth that in the coming years could be impressive.

Michalská 7 SK - 811 01 Bratislava

Operational Headquarters
Diaľničná cesta 5455/21A, 903 01 Senec
Phone: +421 2/53637213

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