TN Logistica SK was founded in 2007 with an important core business in consultancy and road transport organization of full loads, partial loads and groupage all over Europe. The company’s headquarters is located in Bratislava, which occupies an important position in commercial relations with countries in Eastern Europe and the crossroads of national and international traffics where it operates a consolidated team. Here TN Logistica SK has created a team of experts in various fields, ready to realize technically challenging projects. The active involvement of all staff in providing the service thanks to an integration of organizational and IT structures ensures that success can only be reach working as a team.

We evaluate, analyze the goals and build a personalized service for small , medium enterprises and large multinational groups that work on GDO sector, Food and Non-Food, Textile, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Retail … responding with appropriate means to each product category.Refrigerated multi-temperature, isothermal, tilt, sheeted, big volume, each vehicle is managed by a Traffic Office which ensures close monitoring.

The traceability of the vehicle and driver is an aspect of primary relevance in cargo security perspective.

We speak all European languages:


The offices located at Bratislava have multilingual operators, they are able to facilitate communication with foreign customers and understand their specific business needs.
Operators interface with customers customizing services according to personal needs.

The priority accorded to the customer and the specific skills of human resources ensure that the services of TN Logistics SK are chosen on an ongoing basis, achieving ongoing partnerships that evolve towards forms of partnerships with well-known companies.
The company has long-term investment projects on the territory, where it aims to expand and on which is well structured. A district that for the concentration of services and infrastructure and for its strategic position in international trade is a candidate to a leading role with a very high potential in developing countries.