TN Logistics SK is 10 years old and has a new home


In a few weeks, TN Logistics SK is 10 years old and is a very important birthday because soon the whole team will move to the new home, now almost ready.

“After 10 years everything has changed but nothing has changed! Clients have grown, employees have grown up, we have the new home ready to welcome us… but nothing has changed because we do this job with the same enthusiasm. Together, everything has become easier! “- Executive Director Rocco Loria anticipates this important step in Senec, an active and central area for logistic developments.

Over the course of the decade, many projects have been launched, gathering what can be defined as a challenge that the company has engaged with significant investments. Much of the goals set have been achieved, confirming an extraordinary growth path which is now realized in the realization of the new structure, from which it is possible to better respond to the services required by customers.

TN Logistics SK is consolidating its presence on the market and shortly there will be an opportunity that may reveal some surprises.

Michalská 7 SK - 811 01 Bratislava

Operational Headquarters
Diaľničná cesta 5455/21A, 903 01 Senec
Phone: +421 2/53637213

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