TN logistica SK provides customized solutions for any load requirement.


The company has been able in a few years to understand the market and its needs, adapting its proposal to a request increasingly directed to solutions and services that range from customer management to select the most suitable vehicle to the loading and unloading operations. The ability to compete successfully in the market has made our services recognized and appreciated at national and international level.

Specialized to offer a fully loaded transport service (FTL) that allows customization of transport, we also offer services in national and international groupage and partial loads (LTL) goods at controlled temperatures and dry goods.

From origin to destination

The peculiarity of TN Logistica SK is to offer a fully integrated service from origin to destination organizing the flows of customers’ goods at optimal cost, especially in recurrent forwarding. Services carried out by independent carriers who have solid experience in road transport. The experience into the field of road transport permit to develop routes to customers and the most appropriate vehicles to support the proper storage of goods.

In addition to operations in Slovakia the company works with partners abroad who are able to provide reliable services to destinations throughout the European network. The transports are always carried out by minimizing the displacements and the waiting time.



We own a fleet of refrigerated trucks, multi-temperature, isothermal, tilt, sheeted, maxivolume, every means is able to respond adequately to every category of goods and industry. GDO, Food and Non-Food, Textile, Fashion, Pharmaceutical and Retail are just some of the compartments for which TN logistica SK engaged in the transport, managed safely by a Traffic Office for constant monitoring. The availability of a fleet continuously growing allows to support peak demand – also seasonal – for transport both nationally and internationally.

TN logistica SK owns administrative offices, a wide parking and an equipped area for the parking of vehicles in order to ensure a better welcome of the operators involved in the transport, loading / unloading of goods. Here, each driver performs all the necessary features in order to ensure the proper performance of the service in accordance with the regulations the road transport.

These steps are necessary because they allow us to monitor and analyze the performance related to the means, tools and human resources.
The approximately 600 trailer tractor unit are subjected to continuous quality inspections in cooperation with manufacturers – to meet all of the customer’s transportation needs. The vehicles are hygienically and technologically appropriate, in perfect condition and in accordance with law. They guarantee the preservation of temperatures laid down Presidential Decree n. 327/1980 and other regulations relating to the maintenance of the refrigeration chain (Ch. IX, paragraph 5 EC Reg. No. 852/2004). The vehicles are delivered in perfect biological conditions, in accordance with HACCP and IFS Logistics, to make them suitable to the cargo transport preserving the physico-chemical and organoleptic features.